Sargent Park 8-17 Math

Monday, January 23, 2006

1.The steps needed in successfully solving % problems are:
-write a simple sentence answer
-look at the information you were given and think about what the question is asking you
-make a word ratio with part/whole
-make a fraction and cross multiply to find your answer
-make sure to include your unit of measurment in your answer
2.A question i got correct on my quiz was number 2.
56 pounds is____% of 140 pounds.
part pounds 56 40% 56x100
whole = pounds 140 = 100% 140 = 40
56 pounds is 40% of 140.

3.A question I got wrong was number 8.
I wrote- cards given away 280 46 2/3 280 x 100
all cards 600 = 100% 600 = 46 2/3
My mistake was forgetting to subtract my answer from 100.
The answer should be 100-46 2/3=53 1/3

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