Sargent Park 8-17 Math

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


What do we do in class today?

---We did some warm up questions about the sphere thingy but i dont get it..
but maybe tomorrow...and we also answer the yellow sheet, the adding and subtracting integers...and about the balance thingy..

What did we learn during these activities?

---We learn about mulipying integers..and we talked about the adding and subtracting integers
we learned that when the brackets are KISSING they are multipying and just multiply normally....and first count the negative signs...
EXAMPLE: (-4)(-4) =16
even amount=+ odd amount= -

Was this new information or something I've seen in math or another class before?

---i think some of the words...because some of them like the have and owe thingy? i just heard it here...and now..i understand oue lessons...:)

Was the material difficult or easy to understand?

---some of them are easy like the adding and subrtacting integers..but the sphere thingy..i dont get it....

Is there something that I still don't understand and could ask my classmates to explain?

---i think yes..i'll just ask them tomorrow..:P

Did anything else happen during class that would be fun to keep a record of?

---yes..the yellow sheet thingy...for me...atleast you try to solve the questions there..

Are there any links out there to explain the concepts taught in class?

---i think yes?.....hehehe....

The next scribe would be mharjoy:)

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  • Good Job. Try to give more examples of the questions we have done in class. You do not have to have the sample questions in your post.

    Thank you for spending the time on the blog.

    By Blogger Mr. H, at 7:09 PM  

  • Look at Dhona's scribe post in 16 and Tyler's in 41. They have similar content to what you have written but give a complete answer to help explain the concept taught during class.


    By Blogger Mr. H, at 7:15 AM  

  • time..:P

    By Blogger MyLa 8-17, at 9:15 PM  

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