Sargent Park 8-17 Math

Monday, February 06, 2006

Hi! I noticed that nobody has been doing the scribing lately. So i decided to help out and save Sheenqui from doing it.

1.Today in class we corrected some of the questions on the long white sheet. Then we got these two white sheets (5.2 and 6.1) We had some time to work on them in class and were supposed to finish them for tomorrow. It only takes about 10 minutes =)

2. During these activities we learned that an unknown is represented by a letter or symbol. We learned that when a number is squared you can also write it out like: (x)(x) but when your adding a number you can only write it out like this: x+x We also learned that when you see the word "is" it means equals.

3. Some of this was new information. We were only just told about it in detail but we had seen it in our math before.

4. The material was easy to understand, but only if you were paying attention.

5. I understand all of the things that we were learning today but it does get confussing when you have things like the product of 5 more than a number and 6 is thirty.

6. Well Mr.Pointon was yelling (as usual) however he managed to go through the whole class without calling me Becky once! Which is an improvment.

7. Yes there are, but Mr.Harbeck you spelt taught wrong. (sorry if this doesn't work)

hhmmm this was a hard decision to make, but its gonna be Alex. HA that's what you get for calling me Becky.

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  • Haha. A list scribe. Very Original

    By Blogger Richy, at 12:09 AM  

  • Thank you for being the only scribe that commented today. I am impressed with the link that you found. Being the scribe helps you relearn the topics covered in that days class. YOu can be a scribe everyday by commenting on other scribe posts.

    Thank you for being the scribe again without asking or being asked.

    Great Job


    By Blogger Mr. H, at 6:24 AM  

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