Sargent Park 8-17 Math

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Janine's Scribe

I'll post this for Janine. Sorry it is late. There were many networking problems.

First thing we did today is: we filled out the matchmaker form for about 25 mins. Then he gave us some work to try in the overhead.
E.G1 3+x=9


Then we solved it together in the classroom.
Next we were going to learn the multiplication and division.
e.g 1
2/2 x 14/2 1} First isolate the variables.
x = 7 2} Cancel using the opposite sign.
2{7} = 14 3} Balance
4} subsitute to check

Then he assigned the class 3 pages of homework on dividing and multipliying.
After he let us do our homework pages 36 and 37. He also gave us as seperate work sheet to work on. On that page we have to do half of the multyping questions and the dividing questions.

Then finally he gave us 3 more examples so that we can understand the concept.

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