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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Rebecca's Growing Geometry Post

Rectangles and triangles

To make a parallelogram from a rectangle you take a triangle from one end and stick it on the other end.

Surface area
To find the surface area it is helpfull to draw a picture. I dont think there are any shortcuts....but i'm probably wrong.

Triangular Prisim
To make a triangular prisim you need to know that a prisim has 5 sides. To make the prisim you just have to make triangles and rectangles then put them together. Your 2 triangles will be the front and back of your prisim and should be the same size, 4cm, by 5cm by 6cm. Now you make 3 rectangles. 1 of them will have the side lenght of 4cm and a depth of 10. Your second one will have side length of 5cm and a depth of 10. Your third one will have a side length of 6cm and a depth of 10.

the total surface area is found like this....

total surface are is 174cm.

Spring break bonus questions
Question 1

question 3

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