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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Nicole's fraction thingy

1)Use a picture and text to show that you understand what expressing fractions in lowest terms means.

2)how are improper fractions and mixed numbers are the same.

3)Find a web site or blog that explains how to create equivalent fractions in lowest terms. Create a link to it and a breif description of what this site has to offer.
ok this site has many different things that you can do but to get to the thing you want -click on the down arrow next to Quick jump to math help:-click on Fractions, reducing then it will bring you to a place where you enter a fration and it will calculate the answer and tell you how it got that answer.

4)Write a word problem that involves adding these two fractions with denominators of forths and thirds and your answer should be an improper fraction.
B) Write a word probem that involves subtracting two mixed numbers.

Kassie had 2/3 of a pie and 3/4 of a cheesecake in one night. How much dessert did she eat in one night.
B) that same night Kassie's brother Jordan had 9/10 of the money he was saving and spent 2/5 of it at the store how much does he have left?

5)Go to three peoples growing posts and answer their problems by leaving a comment. One of them has to be from from someone not in your home room.

[your answer should be 17/12]

[your answer should be 1/2 OR 5/10]

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