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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Erica's Fraction Growing Post

2) Improper fraction and mixed number are the same because they both have more than a whole.

This website shows you how to reduce fractions in lowest term, how to to a mixed number into an improper fraction and improper fraction to mixed number.

4) a) Korina ate 3/4 bags of Maureen's gummy bears. If Maureen had another 1/2 bag of gummy bears, how much do they have all together?
b) REEN has 1 4/7 bags of M&M's . If LAAY took 1 2/7 of them, how much does REEN have left?

5) commented on Maureen Reyes, Suzette Saqui & Allysha Rarama from 8-73

This website shows you how to add and subtract fractions.

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