Sargent Park 8-17 Math

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

myl's growing post!!!



Find a website or blog that explains how to create equivalent fractions or write fractions in lowest terms. Create a link to it and a description of what the site has to offer...:P


Write a word problem that involves adding these two fractions with denominators of fourths and thirds, and your answer is an improper fraction.

WAIT!!! need mah brain back!!! haha..laterz!!:P
The maCOoLets bought 4 drinks and 1 box of pizza, sheenqui ate 3 pieces and mhajoy drink 2 cups of soda, then Norielle bought another box of pizza and korina ate half of it. How many left for Myla and Norielle???

5.)Go to three people's growing posts and answer their fraction problems by leaving comments, One of the three people cannot be from your homeroom.

Mharjoy , Korina and Raquel later..

6.)Find a website or blog that explains how to add or subtract fractions. Create a link to it and a brief descripstion of what the site has to offer.

Subtracting fractions

SiTe one

Site two

Adding fractions

SIte OnE

SiTe TwO

there MyLa did her woRk!!! :P

- Mylaine-

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